A terrifying tale if there was ever a tale to be told and a true tale, no tittle tattle.

Vanessa told me this but a few days ago…

 Her friend has moved to New York and moved in with her boyfriend. He’s a nice guy but a little odd, in as much that he lets his pet snake share his bed. When the friend arrived she succumbed to this odd practice but the snake didn’t take too well to her and stopped eating and instead of it’s usual passive nature it constantly cuddled up to her. Is the snake jealous? What’s going on? So….. they take the snake to the vets and the vet advises them as follows: You must immediately put the snake down as it is starving itself and the act of cuddling is in fact measuring you up to see how much it must starve itself to swallow you.


The snake was put down, this happened a couple of weeks ago.