My uncle spent 6 months in Boca Raton FL about ten years ago. There was a local watering hole -the Crab Shack- that specializes in draft beer and tequila shots. Every Friday night a guy would come by with a long table, equipped with 3 alleys and set up shop inside the pub.

Accompanying him was 6 rough ‘n’ tough racers… crabs of course. All marked distinctively with different shades of food colouring. How it worked was there were 2-3 people per team and of course the crab of choice. The table was sectioned off and marked by feet, 8 in total. Bets are placed and then they’re off! A whirlwind of little pinchers and rainbow shells begin to clumsily make their way down the track in an almost psychedelic manner.

Once the first little champion makes it to the 1 foot marker the losing teams not only have to down a tequila shot and chase it with draft beer but also pay that round of the bar tab. This occurs every time a crab makes it to the next marker! Now, you can imagine as the wee crabs near the final stretch (2 hours later) the folk involved are reasonably sloshed as are the remaining bar occupants -side bets are also made throughout the duration of the race.

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced such an event. After all wondrous things happen at crab racing.