Love stories

I want what Pam and Jim have in the Office -Season 4 Episode 10.



There are three kinds of love. You’ve either:

  • Lost love.
  • Are in love.
  • Or you’re looking for love.

I’ve always been of the opinion that unless you’re truly in love then there is little point in being in a relationship just for the sake of it. I have friends that met their girls in bars, hooked up pretty fast, carried on dating, moved in, had a kid and then got married. Is this love or is this simply being happy with what you’ve got and letting enertia carry you forward. Is this why there are so many divorces?

I want love. I want thunderbolts. I want my heart to speed up so fast that I can barely talk. I know that this isn’t sustainable but I want to feel love, true love.

There is a┬áDivine Comedy song…In and out of Paris and London

It is a far far better thing that I do now
than I have ever done before
It is a far far better place that I go to
than I have ever known before
My slap’n’tickle made her giggle, made her
wiggle like a willow tree –
so suggestively
So I suggested
She protested
I persisted ’till she said Well Ok
and I said Wey-hey!
In or out – of one thing there can be no doubt
Out or in – this is not a sin, it’s not even original
and hey we’re all individuals – so let the games begin
I fall in love with soemone new
practically every day but that’s okay
It’s just the price I pay for being a man
(if that’s really what I am)
And I refuse to take it all too seriously
It’s such a strange activity far too
peculiar to be taken any other way
(Don’t wait until tomorrow) – do it today
(In out in out in out in out in out in out in out)
Shake it all about

The point of this being that falling in love is so easy depending on your definition of Love. One definition is that Love is a 1971 novel by Angela Carter. Although this is more a fact rather than a definition.

Another that I enjoy.

Love is giving someone the power to break your heart and trusting that they won’t use it.

The story of love in my life is extremely varied. Have I been in love or simply in lust? How can you tell you’re in love until it’s too late, i.e you lost that love. In looking for love, do we let the head or the heart lead us?

This story will develop over time…